Smoke Density Test


Measure the smoke emission when electric cable or optical fibre are burnt under defined conditions.

Reference Standard

IEC 61034 measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions.

Test Detail

The sample shall consist of one or more test pieces of cable , each 1.00m ± 5 mm long which shall be conditioned for at least 16 h at 23 °C ± 5°C .

The photometric system shall be energized , when the stability has been attained the zero and full scale reading shall be adjusted to 0%( absence of light) and 100% luminous transmission.

With the test sample supported above the alcohol tray , start the air circulation and ignite the alcohol.

The test is considered as ended when there is no decrease in light transmittance for 5 minutes after the fire source has extinguished or when the test duration reaches 40 min.

Performance Requirement

It is recommend that a value of 60% light transmittance is adopted as minimum for any cable tested against this standard.