Acidity and Conductivity Test


Determine the corrosive gases evolved during the combustion of materials taken from electric or optical fibre cable constructions by measuring the acidity and conductivity.

Reference Standard

IEC 60754-2 Test on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables.

Part 2 Determination of acidity (by pH measurement) and conductivity.

Test Detail

A sample consist of 1000 mg ± 5 mg shall be stored at least 16 h at a temperature of 23 ± 2°C and relative humidity 50 ± 5%.

The sample is heated in a stream of dry air with the temperature at least 935 °C for 30 min and the gases absorbed in distilled water bottle. The pH and conductivity shall be determine at the end the test.

Performance Requirement

pH should not be less than 4.3. Conductivity should not exceed 10 μS/mm.